Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day Number SIX!

"What I want as a pet"
I really want a penguin! They are probably one of the cutest animals ever. As long as it's like the cute and nice one in "50 First Dates", I will love the penguin. I don't know what you feed penguins, but I would buy it all the penguin food it would ever need. I would hope it would be a cuddly penguin. Penguins can't fly, and I doubt they can jump high enough to come snuggle in my bed with me. This is my fantasy pet though, so it can jump onto my bed. I love little baby penguins. We would watch "Happy Feet" together. I would let him play with my penguin pillow pet, Flipper. They would be best friends. And I would give my penguin a bath like they do in the Dawn dish soap commercials! Poor oil-spill-penguin! :( And it will be the cutest and BEST penguin ever. This is my first dream pet.

Wouldn't having a St. Bernard be one of the coolest things? They're so big and SO cute! It's a more realistic pet than a penguin. It would be my love, through thick and thin. No matter what happens, it would be my best friend. It would lounge around the house. I would hate when it sheds, but look at that face! It's too cute to turn down, even for the terrible shedding. It would also keep me safe so I could go on a run at 2 in the morning like the weird old ladies! It's more cuddly than a can of pepper spray. I would not let it get all muddy. It's too precious to get dirty. And I would name him Robert. This is because it seems like the dog a Rastafarian would have, but I couldn't call him Marley. That would seem like I was stealing it from the movie. I can't name him Bob, because that's just too common. Robert, now that's a good name for a furry fat dog!

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