Friday, September 23, 2011


I'm totally bummed! About two weeks ago, I won tickets to the Haunted Circus. I was sooooo excited because I've never been to anything "haunted" before, other than childrens haunted houses on the Air Force Bases. I was so excited to go tonight that I actually got up and ready for the day (which is very rare), and now I'm not going. Boo hoo:( I sure hope little Haden can cheer me up tonight! Otherwise, I'm going to have to throw a B.F.
In other news, I spent some time with a cute boy today! (: He goes by the name of A.J. He is so sweet and cuddly, and he is just so funny! He kept biting my finger, but it was just adorable. He's probably my favorite little one to baby sit(: (I hope none of you thought I would be one to cheat on Haden! Tsk tsk tsk)
If you're still reading this, I have a question for you... Why the heck are you reading this? It's really a waste of your time. It's a boring and pointless blog with no storyline! Anyways, stop making me feel unpopular and follow me. Over and out! (:

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