Sunday, July 29, 2012


I didn't even know the definition of stress until now.
It's a mixture of good and bad stress. I got a new job at Forever 21. Sucky discount, but better pay. Now I'm going to be training for 2 jobs. Ah so stressful?
Second day of work at Trapnell I got yelled at. Awesome. I pass instruments "too delicately". Sorry, man. I'm a butterfly. (Riiight..)
We won't even get into the boy trouble.
Also, am I going to die or something? Okay, probably not. But I'm going to the doctor this week to see what's wrong with my body. I'm scared.

Friday, July 20, 2012

I have a blog?

Who knew!
So much has changed, hombres.
I finished school. I actually found a job working at Trapnell Orthodontics in Springville. I'm a full time worker now! But is one job enough? Nope. I shall carry on at Wet Seal. Next week will be killer.
Monday: Trapnell 8-4 and Wet Seal 5-Close
Tuesday: Trapnell 8-4
Wednesday: Trapnell 8-4 and Wet Seal 5-Close
Thursday: Trapnell 8-4 and Wet Seal 5-Close
Friday: A day to breathe!
Saturday: Probably work.
Also, Haden and I are not together. Just for those of you who didn't know that. But heeey, life will bring us both to the people we're meant to be with. Whether it be with other people, or with each other.

I can honestly say I am happy.