Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day 7

"Dream Wedding"
I don't really have much of a "dream wedding". I don't think it will matter too much when my wedding comes because I'll be more focused on the fact that I'm getting married, not on how my wedding looks. I don't want a big wedding, but I don't want a civil ceremony wedding. I want family and friends, that's it. I don't see why a wedding needs to be a massive block party. I would love to get married somewhere with beautiful surroundings, like in a really pretty field or at a ginormous garden! I want my colors to be black, teal, and silver. Scratch that. Just teal and silver.
I want a long gorgeous wedding dress. Not something big and poofy though. A long, slim dress would be perfect.
The reception should rock. I want candy centerpieces, because I love candy so much. When it comes to cake, I could live without one. It's a wedding tradition though, and you just have to have one. Not a 3-tier-cake. A nice simple cake would work. Remember, it's not gonna be a huge crowd. I want tons of food, though. I hate going to a reception and there being no good food.
I think my favorite part would be the engagement. That's when everything gets so exciting. I would find any engagement fun. You could propose in a living room and I would still get excited. You could put a ring inside a giant fortune cookie, because I love those. Anything works.
This is a very boring blog post. So here's some stuff!

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