Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lucky Thirteen!

"Views on drugs and alcohol"Yeah yeah yeah... Everybody has the right to do whatever they want to their bodies. I, personally, won't touch that stuff. I don't want to get any sort of addiction. I don't want to put such harmful things into my body. It stinks. It's addictive. It's harmful. It's expensive. It's just a total waste, if you ask me.
My biggest problem is parents getting into this stuff. Smoking a cigarette or drinking on occasion is not setting a bad example for your children. Getting into the hard drugs, on the other hand, is a major no-no. To you parents doing drugs, you are so irresponsible! Even if your kid can't see that you're doing that, you're doing something that can get them taken away from you. If you really cared about and truly loved your kid, you wouldn't be out doing things to get them taken away.
Go ahead and call me a buzz kill, but it's MY blog.

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