Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day something-or-other

"Your current relationship"
I'm super happy in my relationship with Haden Garfield Winn! Although his middle name is Gary, Garfield is just more fun to say. He is super cute. We started dating in the end of July of 2010. At the end of August, he asked me to be his girlfriend. I, a stupid brat, said no. Then a couple months later, on November 2, we made it official.
Yes, we do fight. Our relationship is not all butterflies and rainbows every second of every day. We don't always agree on everything. That's what I like about our relationship. I like having stupid arguments about what movie to watch at night and about who spoons whom. I love how we can get in an argument and be so serious, then turn it all into a big joke and laugh. I love our inside jokes, such as, "You make the best pasta, Baybeh". I love how extremely funny he is. He's funnier in public, though. I love that I can say something totally stupid, and he can make fun of me in such harsh ways and we still laugh about it. I really like that he's a child inside. He loves Looney Toons and his moms beef stroganoff. I love that he puts up with me when I'm so mean, moody, jealous, frustrated, upset, and overly-sensitive. I love that he cares about me so much! He makes me text him whenever I get home just to make sure I made it safe. He gets nervous if he doesn't get a text. It's so silly! But, it is something I love!
We have had our ups and downs. We've had our fair share of fights. We work it out, though. He makes me very happy because he treats me so well. I really am so lucky to be so close with him. He's my best friend and my boyfriend!

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