Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day 23, I believe

"15 facts"
  1. I am very addicted to candy. It's bad.
  2. I hate sleeping in an unmade bed.
  3. My hair grows super fast
  4. My language has been, and probably always will be, very clean.
  5. I hate all red meat
  6. I've lived in Utah for 6 years now. This is the longest I've stayed in one place.
  7. I have more energy than necessary.
  8. Horror movies make me one happy camper.
  9. I'm pretty sure that I will never weigh above 100 lbs. No, maybe someday I'll get to 105. I probably average about 95 lbs.
  10. I eat way too much.
  11. I have lived SUCH an easy life and am extremely grateful.
  12. I use a princess timer when I brush my teeth to make sure I'm hitting a solid 2 minutes.
  13. I used to dance
  14. I try not to use heat on my hair too often.
  15. I'm poor as can be.

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