Monday, April 23, 2012


Life stinks.
People who you love hurt you.
You hurt people who you love.
Your heart gets broken.
You feel like nothing will get better because you've been hurting for so long.
You're filled with guilt for every slight thing that goes wrong.
You just want to give up, sometimes.
But think about how great it is when life is going your way,
how things may not always be amazing, but when they are, life seems perfect.
There's no greater feeling that when you're so sad and empty, then something so small but extraordinary comes along and you soak up each little bit of happiness it can give to you, all because you're so desperate to be happy again. You feel so grateful. Your perspective changes, and you stop taking advantage of everything good you've given.
You treat people better.
You feel more brave
You smile.

Pardon the overdose on cheesiness today. I've been ridiculously moody lately. Haden says one thing I don't like, I get mad. My mom asks me to do a chore, and I flip out.Why? I really have no idea. But it got worse and worse, until I just couldn't control my emotions anymore. Then today, Haden saw me and told me I looked beautiful. He's said it a gazillion times before, but it meant more than the world when he said it today. I don't know what it was about it, but today it just changed my attitude. I tried harder to notice the nice things he says just to experience that feeling again.
I really take people for granted and don't show the gratitude they deserve. It's a real problem. Really.
Wow, it's nice knowing that this change in perspective is going to contribute to making me my normal (well as "normal" I could be), happy, self.

Someday, everything will all make perfect sense.
 So laugh at the confusion. 
Smile through the tears. 
Keep reminding yourself that 
everything happens for a reason.

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