Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Haden.

When did you guys start dating? November 2, 2010
How long have you been dating for?  You do the math
How did you meet? Funny story. More like creepy. Anyways. So I was with my friend, Kristen. We were talking a late night stroll around Orem, stupid decision. Some crazy rapist guy came and was freaking us the FREAK out. He followed us, and we were just like, whatevs, maybe he's just coincidentally taking the same stroll. So we ended up at Bonneville Elementary and were on the swings and the guy just came and started talking to us. Creepy shiz. We told him to leave, or we'd call the cops. He was getting really mad and grabbed Kristen. Then this big nosed, blue eyed guy, started descending from the sky. He pulled the creep-o off of Kristen, and chucked him halfway to Tonga. That man was Haden.
Except in real-life-world, we met at a party during the summer of 2010.
Do you love him/her? Yup.
Do you want to spend the rest of your life with that person?  Let's not think too far into the future now. Hahah
Does he/she make you feel like you are something? Well yeah.
Does he/she make you laugh and happy? He's hilarious beyond words.
Have you kissed? Once or twice.
Do you like being with that person? Well yeah(:
Would you cry if he had to go far away forever?  Yes:(
Do you like that person for looks or personality? Both. I've always been attracted to guys with big noses. I dunno if you noticed, but Haden has quite the honker.
Would he/she die for you? I sure hope so
Would you die and for him/her? In a heartbeat.
Does your lover make you smile?  Errday
Does he/she support you in everything you do? As long as it's not something stupid. Sometimes I suggest we go skydiving naked or quit our jobs and run away together and get a drive through wedding. For some reason he doesn't think that's the best idea. But with school and what I want to do with my future, yes. (:
Does he/she try to be there everytime you need them? Usually
Are you always constantly thinking about the person you love?  Constantly? No. I have schoolwork to focus on too. He's a big part of my life, don't get me wrong. But it's not healthy to focus my life around one person at this age. But usually if I'm not thinking about school, it's him on my mind.
Do you dream about him/her? Yeah. Usually he's a jerk in my dreams:( Good thing he apologizes to me in real life for the mistakes he makes in my dreams. Hahah (:
Do you want to spend the rest of your life with that person and raise a family? I'd like to, but I'm not focusing on that right now. We don't want to talk about marriage, we wanna act our ages(:
Do you love her/him with all your heart and soul? Definitely.

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