Monday, December 5, 2011

Life can be awkward.

Story time! So there we were, just sitting in Luke Johnsons kitchen waiting for our cookies to finish baking. Luke proposed to the gorgeous Alicia about a month and a half ago. Now, Haden and I don't talk about marriage. Why? We're teenagers and like to live like teenagers. We aren't planning that far into the future. Out of the blue, Lukes mom asks, "So Haden, when are you gonna pop the question?" BOOM! Instantly awkward. Haden and I look at each other and laugh. His parents give us a list of reasons why we should get married, or at least engaged. To me, that's a scary thought. Yeah, it'd be fun to be engaged! I want a gorgeous ring! I want to go dress shopping and all the fun stuff! But I hate admitting that I have to grow up for real. Graduation was scary enough. That was when I realized that I do have to be resposible. Bringing up engagements really tickles my biscuits! All that stuff just seems toooooo real.
Anyways, Haden and Luke leave to go pick up my car. Alicia, Freddy (Lukes mom), Lukes dad, and I are still chillin' in the kitchen. Freddy asks why we wouldn't just go for it. My answer, "We're both still young. We're teenagers, and I'm barely 18". Of course she has the answers to everything and states that she got engaged at 17, married at 18, and she's now been married 32 years. Dang. I can't win.
Long story short, I feel awkward talking about marriage and my future with Haden. Maybe we'll get married. Maybe we'll go our seperate ways. Either way, things happen for a reason!

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