Monday, February 20, 2012

Busy Bee.

That is me! But not this week! I just barely started working 30+ hours a week. That's not hard at all. It's the fact that with that job, I have nannying, and another babysitting job. Ya know what that means? My days off of Skippers are the days I have to nanny or babysit. That means I never have a real day off just to "chill". But this week is different!
Starting April, I'll be juggling school, Skippers (Boo hoo to that h-hole), nannying, babysitting, and still trying to squeeze Haden in there.
Wish me luck.
Oops, and chores on top of that, but obviously, that's the bottom of my priorities and could care less.
Well have a grand day. You just wasted about 2 minutes reading this pointless post(:

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